‘My mate’s just won the U.S. Open’: Why Adam Scott got off a plane to join a fellow pro’s celebration

Adam Scott of Australia speaks to Geoff Ogilvy of Australia during day one of the Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club on December 2, 2010 in Sydney, Australia.

Adam Scott was getting ready to leave the country when Geoff Ogilvy won the U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

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Imagine sitting on a plane, about to embark on a transatlantic flight. You check your phone, just before you have to shut it off, and you find out your buddy just won the U.S. Open and wants you to come celebrate with him.

You figure out how to get off that plane, right?

That’s exactly what Adam Scott did back in 2006 when fellow Aussie Geoff Ogilvy won at Winged Foot.

Scott told GOLF’s Subpar co-hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on this week’s podcast he wasn’t even sure Ogilvy was in contention.

adam scott reads putt
Adam Scott’s unusual green-reading technique, explained
By: Zephyr Melton

“So we finished up [the tournament] and I don’t know where I finished, but not close to winning,” Scott said. “And, you know, Geoff— Geoff was right up there, but he also wasn’t necessarily looking like winning. There were so many people ahead of him.”

Scott was actually invited to fly with Ernie Els, which probably deserves a story of its own at some point.

“He invited me to fly back to London, which is dangerous at times,” Scott said of taking to the skies with the “Big Easy.”

Ogilvy started the final round one back of the lead and Phil Mickelson and Collin seemed destined for a playoff, but as many know, that didn’t happen, and Ogilvy was the last man standing at five over.

Scott wanted to be there with him.

“I thought, man, you know, we’ve played junior golf, amateur golf and basically I followed him to Europe and then came to America,” Scott said. “My mates just won the U.S. Open. I think I’ve got to go back and and celebrate with him.

“I didn’t know who he had with him that week or who was around. So I thought, I’ll go back for sure. So that’s it. I took my bags and went back to the golf course. I met him at the golf course and of course, you know, not thinking straight. He had a lot to do at the golf course after he won the U.S. Open.”

Scott actually ended up waiting with Ogilvy’s caddie back at the hotel for the champion to finish up his responsibilities before and join them.

“Wasn’t it in like the lobby of the Hampton Inn?” Stoltz asked. “And like you said, you guys were drinking like random golf fans were just walking in like, ‘Holy s—, that’s Geoff Ogilvy and Adam Scott.'”

“It was like the Marriott in White Plains or something like that,” Scott said chuckling. “And yeah, there were tons of randoms there at the end and the trophy was just getting passed around.”

You can listen to Scott’s full Subpar appearance below, in which he talks about the Presidents Cup, his career, where his family calls home now and more.

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