WATCH: These crazy golfers played through weather you have to see to believe

Weather Golf

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail is supposed to keep you from finishing out your round. But let’s be honest, sometimes, you can’t even finish 18 if the foursome ahead of you is taking too much time, forget the conditions.

When inclement weather strikes, life as a golfer can get rather complicated. Sure, there are rain gloves, weatherproof jackets and waterproof shoes, but there’s not much that can protect from the general discomfort being outside in the midst of a rainstorm.

Well, perhaps a foursome across the pond can give us all a lesson in toughing it out. With winter storm Ciara barreling down on the UK, causing gale-force winds, buckets of rain and yes, even pockets of hail throughout the country, a video surfaced of a group of golfers toughing out the conditions.

According to a report from CNN, Britain’s Environment Agency has issued more than 100 flood warnings this weekend, causing delays and cancellations for flights and other transportation throughout the country.

What Ciara didn’t cause, evidently, was a cancellation in tee times.

Winds in the UK have reportedly reached as high as 80 miles-per-hour as a result of the storm. While we haven’t seen reports of any 280-yard 9-irons, if you’re among those teeing it up in Britain this weekend, you might want to keep an eye on the gusts before you swing (and putt).

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