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On the Road with Sir Nick Faldo


I travel at least 150 days a year.
This year, in addition to my regular-season PGA Tour schedule with CBS and Golf Channel, I’ll be working the Masters, the Open Championship, the Olympics, the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup. I also travel to Asia twice a year to work with the players in the Faldo Series, on projects for Faldo Design, for marketing partnerships with Banyan Tree and MasterCard, and six times to Europe.

I most often fly commercial.
However, in an effort to get home to my young daughter or make a connection to the next event on the calendar, I’ll sometimes fly private. If a flight is only an hour or two, or if it puts me on the best nonstop route, I’ll fly coach.

I never travel without my Globe-Trotter suitcase.
I have used one since the 1980s. It is a simple rectangle. It is a trunk. I also travel with my own pillow and a foam roller to get the kinks out of my back after all the traveling.

It’s funny, people have stopped asking about Tiger.
They are very interested in the young guys and enjoy remembering moments in my career. They are also interested in the television team. I have a “no comment” policy on what the CBS guys really look like before makeup.

I’m still recognized.
I guess that’s good news. I sign autographs, and these days I’m happy to take selfies. People are very polite, and I have a laugh about the way some ask: “You probably hate this” or “You wouldn’t possibly take a picture with me.” Why the negative?

I believe in eating properly and keeping good health in mind.
I exercise most days. No matter where I am in the world, I wake up at three o’clock and stretch, then do some breathing exercises to go back to sleep.

Favorite dining hangout in Augusta?
I have a traditional pre-Masters, Sunday-night dinner with my boy and our gang at the Olive Garden. The Champions Dinner is obviously very cool. And sitting on the back balcony at the clubhouse for breakfast and lunch, watching the golfing world go by, will never get old.

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