How fast are Shinnecock’s greens at the U.S. Open? Watch this crazy video of the 18th

June 11, 2018

Just how fast are the legendary greens at legendary Shinnecock Hills?

Phil Mickelson was actually complimentary of the green speeds thus far, and he’s no stranger to criticizing the USGA for the way it sets up the course. “I think it’s a very difficult job to find the line of testing the best players to the greatest degree and then making it carnival golf,” he said during his Monday press conference, adding that he thinks skill, rather than luck, will be rewarded at this year’s competition.

But it’s not exactly like these guys are putting on shag carpets, either. On Monday, Jeff Smith (@radargolfpro) posted a video showing a ball dropped on the back of the 18th green that rolls and rolls and rolls all the way down and then off the front edge of the putting surface, finally coming to a stop in a collection area.

“I mean, where do you even put a pin on this green?” Smith asked in the caption. Fair question, Jeff.


We’ll keep an eye to see how these surfaces are rolling come Thursday morning — and, more importantly, Sunday evening.