Course Rater Confidential: Is Augusta National overrated or underrated among the world’s best courses?

A look at the 12th green of Augusta National from the 13th fairway.

So maybe you’ve never played Augusta National, but lucky for you dozens of our distinguished course raters have. Some know the place better than their own backyards. To honor the Masters week that never was, we polled more than 60 of our raters — and granted them anonymity — to answer our questions about the course’s ranking, best holes, most terrifying putts, Tiger-proofing and more. We’ll roll it out all week long so check back to see the next batch of questions and answers, and you can learn more about our course raters here.

We’ve got Augusta National at No. 9 in our latest Top 100 Courses in the World ranking. What do you think? Too high? Too low? Just right?

Just right – 46.8%
Too high – 37.1%
Too low – 16.1%


Too high. Even though the greens are amazing in character, there are too many weak and indifferent holes (7, 9, 15 and 18) to put it among the very best.

Just a bit too low. I like it at about No. 6.

ANGC has great greens, great par-5s and a handful of great 3s and 4s, but 10-plus other courses have the same, if not more. They just aren’t televised and hyped once every year.

Too high, except when you factor in the history. It is a pretty cool golf experience. Wish they didn’t take themselves so seriously; it is not the Sistine Chapel!

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