How Tony Finau is supporting his favorite restaurant at the U.S. Open

tony finau aims during the 2024 u.s. open at pinehurst. finau's bag with sponsors

Tony Finau is supporting his favorite restaurant, Mo'bettah's, with a logo on his bag this week at the U.S. Open.

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Tony Finau is sporting a new logo on his staff bag this week in Pinehurst — and fans of Hawaiian food will find it quite familiar.

Mo’Bettahs, a Hawaiian eatery with locations in six states, will have their logo displayed prominently on the belly of Finau’s bag throughout U.S. Open week. Finau typically has his personal logo in this spot, but this week on the biggest stage, he’s opting to use the spot to highlight one of his favorite restaurants.

“To be able to display them on a national stage and get national exposure for this small family-owned business, it’s just incredible,” Finau told “I couldn’t be more proud to wear them.”

Finau’s decision to highlight Mo’Bettahs comes thanks to his partnership with American Express. The company is one of the U.S. Open’s most prominent sponsors and is highlighting a variety of small businesses in the Pinehurst area with a food village at the tournament.

“I’ve been a proud AmEx ambassador for five years now,” Finau said. “They’ve been committed to backing small businesses and communities and we have a really cool opportunity next week in supporting my favorite restaurant.”

In addition to the ad space on Finau’s bag, Mo-Bettahs features a plate on its regular menu in the PGA Tour winner’s honor. The meal includes steak, chicken, white rice and macaroni salad.

“It’s all-you-can-handle,” Finau said with a laugh.

The proceeds from customers who purchase the signature plate — the “Finau Favorite” — go directly to Finau’s foundation.

“I’m looking forward to having them on the belly of my bag,” Finau said. “And hopefully get the national exposure that they deserve.”

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