WATCH: ‘What are you doing?!’ Fan yells out during Tiger Woods’s swing

Tiger Woods, British Open

You know the guy that yells “mashed potatoes?” during golf shots? That guy, while not the model of traditional golf etiquette, usually has the courtesy to wait until after a player makes contact with the ball. The fan that interrupted an important Tiger Woods backswing late in his round Sunday is potentially far worse.

Tiger Woods was in the middle of his swing on the 18th tee when a fan screamed out from the gallery. Woods was five under par at the time and in desperate need of a closing birdie to have any chance at a playoff, making the scene particularly tense. The yell clearly affected Woods just before impact; he had an abbreviated one-handed followthrough before whirling around toward the gallery. “What are you doing?!” he exclaimed towards the crowd, understandably perturbed.

In the end, it hardly mattered: Woods’s tee shot found the right side of the fairway and trundled past a bunker, leaving him with just gap wedge left. He missed a short birdie putt and tapped in for par to finish off his final-round 71. You can watch the entire exchange below.

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