Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas explain the art of the club-twirl

Some might call it unnecessary. Others would call it TourSauce. Either way, Tiger Woods loves it. What is it again? Oh, simply spinning your club after you’ve performed a shot.

Tiger Woods does club twirl
It’s a classic Tiger move — twirl that club once you’ve struck a great shot.

Woods was with Ahmad Rashad recently, banging balls on a driving range, when Rashad did an impromptu hosting job, asking Woods about the art of spinning the club post-shot. For Tiger, it’s pretty simple, but it all comes down to the right thumb.

It’s a classic Tiger move we’ve seen time and again, most memorably at the 2009 Presidents Cup and the 2011 Masters. Justin Thomas chimed in, chiding Woods for his iconic form of club-twirling. Perhaps part of that is because Thomas twirls his clubs quite differently, using mostly his left hand.

Left hand? Right hand? Whatever it takes to get the job done, I guess? Club-twirling is clearly important.

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