Tiger Woods’s caddie: 5 things to know about Joe LaCava

Tiger Woods’s bag is famous. So is his head cover. But Woods’s caddie? That’s Joe LaCava carrying the goods. Here are five things to know about Tiger’s bag man.

1. He left a great bag for Woods

“Joey,” as Woods often refers to him, last caddied for Dustin Johnson, World No. 3, and arguably the best player in the world. That move happened back in 2011, though, when it seemed Woods had a very healthy career ahead of him. Though they shared a great run back to the top of the world in 2013, Woods’s health eventually betrayed him and kept LaCava off the course for extended periods of time.

2. He helped Freddie win his green jacket

Among the list of players LaCava has caddied for, Fred Couples is the only one with a green jacket. LaCava was on the bag for Freddie Boom Boom in 1992 when Couples beat Ray Floyd by two strokes.

3. He and Tiger break down putts in segments

Tiger doesn’t bring LaCava in to read every putt. After all, he’s made plenty of them on his own in the past. He will, however, use LaCava on putts that may have more than one, or more than two breaks. LaCava, as a player, likes reading putts that way, so when the greatest putter of all-time asks, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable for him to offer his read. Check out his explanation of their green reading work together below.

4. He gets pumped up, too

While Tiger seems to be a bit robotic inside the ropes, his caddie is, too. But don’t kid yourself, Joe is excited. He thanked Tiger for getting back into contention this year at Carnoustie. And at Bellerive, he likened the scene to a frenzied football stadium.

5. He’s as committed as they get

LaCava had the opportunity to go caddie elsewhere in 2017. Tiger even told him to consider it! But LaCava wasn’t leaving Tiger. “No no, I’m committed to you,” Lacava told Woods. This comes from a Woods podcast with Geno Auriemma. “I’m committed to your return and you playing golf again.”

Joe LaCava has been caddying for Tiger Woods since 2011.
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