Steph Curry used a golf tip to calm his nerves before a nerve-racking Game 7

As much of the sports world turned to its second straight day of hardwood Game 7s on Monday, Steph Curry was thinking like a golfer.

Yes, we know that Golden State’s point guard is an avid golfer — he’s even competed on a professional level — but on Memorial Day, as he prepped for last night’s game against the Houston Rockets, Curry was likely taking it slow, just like a PGA Tour player.

“I took a tip from some PGA guys — when they’re out there on the course and it gets kind of logjammed on a couple of holes they’ve got to slow themselves down between shots,” Curry told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I took that even as the way to do the whole pregame routine or how you go through two-line layups.”

“Take it a little slow because your mind might be processing things a lot faster than it usually does and your body will start to speed up. You’ve got to dial it back. And try to set the tone early in the day that it’s just another day.”

It seems to have worked. Curry scored 27 points in Game 7 to help the Warriors defeat the Rockets 101-92 and advance to their fourth-straight NBA Finals. If this year is anything like the last few, a golf excursion may follow if they are victorious.

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