Ryder Cup sights, sounds and everything you’re missing back home

Team europe ryder cup

Shane Lowry lifts up Rory McIlroy during the Team Europe photo session Tuesday.

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ROME — International travel is expensive. We know it well! It costs us a good bit to send five staffers to Italy for a week, but this is the freaking Ryder Cup. It’s our duty to get our boots on the ground in Rome and show you everything you’re missing back home. We do it every day in Seen and Heard. 

Excuse the promotional nature of this post, but we think you’ll end up liking what we’re selling. Seen and Heard is exactly as it sounds: everything we’re seeing and hearing at the biggest golf events in the world. We send a cameraman to this event to run around and capture as much as possible so we can show you as much as possible. (You’d love to see what’s on the cutting room floor.) But hopefully you love just as much what actually makes it into the daily production. 

We’re there in the press room asking Justin Rose how it might feel in the event of a 14-14 tie. We’re out walking with the teams inside the ropes as Jordan Spieth takes some money off Xander Schauffele in a side bet. We’re there, hovering around the putting green, finding some breaking(ish) news: Scottie Scheffler — noted ball-striking freak — working with a new putting helper, Phil Kenyon. You can peep that in the video below, and if it doesn’t fill up your own Ryder Cup, there’s another dozen things in that video that might. 

We were there early in the week, watching the short-game magnificence of Justin Thomas as he practiced chipping from different heights at different lies with different side-spins. You know, mostly the stuff Tiger Woods has chatted with JT about. 

We were there on the 16th tee Wednesday when the Ryder Cup finally got a little…loud, at the behest of Jon Rahm. The fans who had been standing in the sun waiting were thrown into constant applause by Rahm, who clearly didn’t want to hit a quiet golf shot. It carried on with our Scandinavian king Viktor Hovland, who rocketed a 3-wood during a chorus of viking claps (led by vice captain Edoardo Molinari). 

Turns out, there’s a lot happening at a Ryder Cup each day. But these are exactly the kind of things we bring to Seen and Heard. We whittle down each day’s stories into a digestible format so you can feel like you’re with us in Rome, but not have to watch every second of every video on the internet to know what really matters at Marco Simone. 

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Sean Zak

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