WATCH: Patrick Reed confronts camera crew for rattling coins in his earshot

Patrick Reed

As Patrick Reed stood over a chip on the 10th hole of the Porsche European Open, Golf Channel’s broadcast caught a strange sight: Reed’s caddie Kessler Karain making forceful gestures at the camera crew.

Players and caddies adjusting crowds and camera crews is no rare thing, but both Karain and Reed noticed something more, in this case. Bothered by a noise, Reed stepped off his ball, allowing Karain to confront the crew. “You’re rattling change in your pocket,” Karain said. “That’s what I’m pointing at you for.”

After telling them to stop, Reed took things further. “You know what? No. I need y’all to to go over there at that side of the green,” he said, pointing across the green. “Camera guy too, sorry. Because he’s part of you. He lost privileges by going like that with change.”

The two-man crew began to retreat, and Reed offered further encouragement. “Keep going,” he said. I’m not hitting until you get the heck out of here. Like, completely out of here. Ridiculous.”

It wasn’t clear whether the change-rattling was an honest mistake or a bit of anti-Reed gamesmanship. Either way, the kerfuffle didn’t seem to faze Reed: he hit the chip close and rolled that putt in for par. “Slightly on the aggressive side, you might say there,” one commentator remarked of the exchange. Reed posted a first-round two-under 70.

You can watch the entire exchange below:

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