Monkey Steals the Show at the OHL Classic at Mayakoba


A golf-course monkey is taking the Internet by storm. 

Almost two years after one of golf’s most famous on-course monkey encounters—you may recall “baboon vs. Luke Donald” at the Nedbank Challenge—we’ve got another viral primate moment, this time in Mexico at the OHL Classic.

What makes this monkey video so special? Well, if a golfer has ever hit into you, then you might relate to this little guy’s reaction to the PGA Tour invading his home. 

The commentary — “Did they..? I know they didn’t just … Did they hit into us?” — is fantastic. 

Good luck watching this one just once.

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This monkey was determined to go viral, as he also took over as Greg Norman’s personal driver for a portion of the pro-am earlier in the week. 

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