Max Homa’s caddie Joe Greiner says he ‘owns’ this pro in money games

Everyone knows that pro golfers have some serious game, but what many might not know is that some of the caddies have some impressive talent themselves. Take Max Homa’s looper, Joe Greiner, for example. Although he makes his living schlepping clubs, he’s not too bad at swinging them either.

And while a bulk of Greiner’s income is from his work with his three-time PGA Tour-winning boss, he also stacks some Benjamins courtesy of his own play in weekend money games.

As Greiner explained on this week’s episode of GOLF’s Subpar, he’s a regular in money games at The Farms Club in San Diego, and the competition is stiff. Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele are among the Tour pros who hone their games at The Farms, and from time to time, Greiner will find himself squaring off against two of the world’s best.

Max Homa holds up one finger after his victory at the 2021 Fortinet Championship
How Max Homa started to believe he’s one of the world’s best players
By: Jessica Marksbury

He explained that winnings can be hard to come by when Mickelson and Schauffele are playing in the game, but there is one pro Greiner said he gets the best of all the time.

“I beat Charley [Hoffman] every time,” Greiner said. “I own Charley. He knows, too. He’s like the worst off-tournament-site golfer in the world. He shoots 73 at his home course and he has to give me one or two a side. I own him — and he knows it.”

But while Greiner might get the best of Hoffman, his luck isn’t quite as good against Schauffele.

“He owns everyone,” Greiner said. “Every time, he shoots 64 and he eagles 18 and wins every bet.”

Check out the entire interview with Greiner below.


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