lang="en-US"> Droves of golfers are trying to copy Matthew Wolff's quirky swing

Droves of golfers are trying to copy Matthew Wolff’s quirky swing

When Matthew Wolff and his unique golf swing won the 3M Open on Sunday in Minnesota, fellow pro Max Homa (jokingly) predicted it was a sign of things to come.

Wolff, at just 20 years old, followed a third-round 62 with a 65 on Sunday at TPC Twin Cities, and a winning eagle putt on the final hole was the exclamation point on his first career PGA Tour victory (in just his third pro start).

And while Wolff’s big-time talent — he also won the 2019 NCAA individual title — has rightfully earned the attention it deserves, so does his rare swing. Here’s his coach, George Gankas, breaking it down below.

While the swing might look odd to the average fan, broken down it’s really not that crazy. “There are some moves that don’t look conventional, but down through the ball it’s as good as anybody in the world,” Gankas says. At the 3M Open Wolff was asked where he gets his power from.

“I lift my foot, which helps a lot; it makes me rotate back more,” he said. “Coming through the ball, I kind of just fire really quickly and I use the ground so well. That’s what my coach, George Gankas, always told me. Just the way I use the ground and push off it is something that allows me to hit it as far as I do.” (Using the ground, as Wolff mentioned above, is a topic GOLF’s instruction editor Luke Kerr-Dineen recently touched on.)

But, back to our original point. Homa said Tour pros would be trying this in droves, and he wasn’t wrong (amateurs, too). While these were just in good fun, who knows, maybe they’ll stick for another pro.

Even got in on the action…

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