Is the Masters or the U.S. Open the best major championship? That’s Debatable

In GOLF’s all-new series That’s Debatable, sponsored by Cisco WebEx, we’re settling some of golf’s most heated disputes. Our writers and editors have been seeded 1-16, battling head-to-head to determine whose takes are most on point.

Would you rather win 20 PGA Tour events or one Masters? That’s Debatable
By: GOLF Editors

The line of demarcation to achieve success in professional golf is clearly defined. If you’re a major champion, you’re objectively a success. If you’re not, then you still have work to do. But which one of the majors holds the most weight? Is it the Masters, with the allure of Augusta and a green blazer, or is it the U.S. Open, conquering crowds and wicked course conditions to win the national championship?

In this episode of That’s Debatable, we found out. In one corner, the 5-seed David DeNunzio, in the other, the 10-seed Andrew Tursky. You can watch their debate above, or read their arguments below.

Masters (DeNunzio)

1. You win the Masters, you get to pencil in a major appearance in April for the rest of your life—what solace for athletes, many of whom have difficulty leaving the game for good.

2. Some argue that the Masters is a putting contest. It’s total game control, from tee to green, and ANGC isn’t a course you learn to play overnight. Essentially, the green jacket is an award for mastery at all levels, not simply the longest, straightest driver.

3. Half the field leaves a U.S. Open venue in disgust; angry, red. Much of the field remains on the ANGC grounds to see the winner come in. That’s real golf.

4. Imagine the game of golf without the Masters for a second. OK, we just did that a few weeks ago. Stunk, didn’t it?

U.S. Open (Tursky)

1. It’s better to watch: The U.S. Open is unique in difficulty, the Masters is a birdie fest, like every Tour event.

2. It’s better to play: If I could play one event for the rest of my life, I’d obviously choose the U.S. Open for course variety (from Pebble to Shinnecock to Oakmont).

3. It’s better to win: It’s the U.S. Open, the ultimate test, the best field.

4. It’s the greatest representation of America: The USGA opens its doors to anyone with a 1.4 index or better. From Michelle Wie to Tony Romo. We all have a chance to qualify and play in OUR nation’s greatest golf event. What’s more American than that? Not the Masters.
Green, yellow and azalea … or red, white and blue?

5. Fathers Day Sundays: That means something to me. It makes it that much more special.

Winner (by judge’s decision)

The U.S. Open! Sure, it sucked to go without the Masters, but there’s a uniqueness to the U.S. Open every year that supersedes the history and tradition steeped in the Masters. Tursky moves on to the final four! Keep it locked on and @GOLF_com on social media to follow along as “That’s Debatable” continues every day at noon!

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