lang="en-US"> Masters tickets: The lottery is open! Here's how to apply for Masters tickets

Masters tickets: The lottery is open! Here’s how to apply for Masters tickets (but act fast!)

The Masters tickets lottery is now open.

Attention, everyone: The Masters tickets lottery for 2020 is open, but you don’t have much time to waste. The deadline to complete the application process is June 2, 2019.

But don’t worry about that deadline. Follow these steps for a quick and speedy application process and you’ll be set. Here’s how to apply.

First, click here to go to the Masters tickets homepage. You can either sign in with your existing account or create a new account.

After entering your address or verifying your information, request how many tickets you want for each day. You can apply for all of them, but you are only eligible to win tickets for one day. The max is four for practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but there’s a max of two for tournament days on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Practice round tickets are $75 each and tournament rounds are $115 each. You won’t be asked to pay unless you win tickets and redeem them.

From there you are good to go. Daily tournament tickets will be selected first, followed by practice rounds. All applicants will find out their Masters tickets fate via email in July.

As always, good luck! And if you don’t win, don’t sweat. There’s always these options of how to get into the Masters for free.

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