Kyle Berkshire breaks ball-speed record with Herculean smash

kyle berkshire swings

World long-drive champion Kyle Berkshire broke the TrackMan ball speed record with a 236.2 mph missile on Thursday night.

Kyle Berkshire has some serious speed.

The two-time World Long Drive champ cruises at over 145 mph of clubhead speed, and his longest drive in competition topped out at almost 500 yards. (You read that correctly.) He’s currently No. 1 in the World Long Drive rankings, and there are few mashers in the game who can match his raw power.

On Thursday, Berkshire added another mind-bending accolade to his list of achievements.

In a speed training session attended by, Berkshire broke the TrackMan ball-speed record with a Herculean smash that topped out at 236.2 mph. The number is the highest ever recorded on a TrackMan simulator.

But even that number does not satisfy Berkshire.

“Honestly, it’s frustrating because I think I topped out at 158.9 [mph],” he said. “I probably had 238 [mph] in the tank. I just didn’t quite middle it.”

Even more impressive? Berkshire hit 236.2 mph of ball speed three separate times during the training session, and he averaged 231.8 mph across 70 swings.

“I just didn’t have that freak ball where I smoked one and swung really fast at the same time,” Berkshire said. “You’ve kinda got to get that to line up. I haven’t had that in a couple sessions, but it’s gonna happen. Any session now I could go [237 or 238 mph], but it’s a new TrackMan personal record by over a mile an hour for me.”

Berkshire has always been a freak when it comes to Long Drive numbers, and this session was further proof of just how good he really is.

“It’s great to go 236.2, but we’ve got more in the tank,” he said.

Check out below for a list of how far Berkshire hits all of his clubs in the bag.

62 degree100-110
58 degree120-130
54 degree130-140
“Play” driver360-380
“Long” driver380-400

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