InsideGOLF Exclusive: How Kyle Berkshire became the longest hitter on the planet

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Kyle Berkshire is long off the tee — like, really long. His personal best is a 492-yard nuke, and he’s the reigning World Long Drive champion. Oh, and his clubhead speed? Insanely fast. It’s consistently over 150 mph.

Berkshire’s power makes Bryson DeChambeau look like Corey Pavin. When his driver makes contact with the ball, it produces a sound like you’ve never heard before. Jaw-dropping is cliched, but Berkshire’s long ball acumen will — quite literally — make your jaw drop.

kyle berkshire sequence
‘Train like a power lifter’: World Long Drive champ Kyle Berkshire’s 2 secrets to hitting bombs
By: James Colgan

The 25-year-old didn’t become the longest hitter on the planet over night. It’s taken him years of dedication to the pursuit, and hard work with his instructor, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Bernie Najar. And now that he’s reached the pinnacle of the sport, Berkshire intends to stay — and inspire the next generation of long-drive competitors.

“I just want everyone to see that it’s possible,” Berkshire said. “Because if I can gain speed, then everybody else can gain speed as well. That’s my goal, to serve as inspiration for people to hit the ball further and just keep pushing their limits.”

Berkshire and Najar recently got together to recount that journey at the GOLF Top 100 Teachers Summit, and they shared some tips for up-and-comers looking to add some power to their games. Check out the exclusive video above to get some inspiration of your own.

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