Whiskey Wednesday: How to use a flask on the golf course

January 15, 2020
Still life of flask on white background

There’s nothing better, when enjoying a round of golf with friends, than to share a nice dram of whiskey to warm the soul. It’s a simple pleasure, but there’s an art to doing it correctly. Follow these five simple steps, and you’ll impress your friends and enjoy a delightful, on-course whiskey experience like the classy golfer you are.

1. Use A Flask

As the headline of this article suggests, using a flask should be a prerequisite to a pleasurable golf-whiskey experience, so let’s get that out of the way real quick. Don’t be the guy who drags an entire bottle of whiskey onto the golf course. It’s a recipe for over-drinking, it’s hard to share with others, and most self-respecting golf courses won’t allow it, anyway. Opt for a hip flask instead.

2. Opt For A Smaller Flask

There’s the pragmatic reason — a smaller flask makes it easier to transport — but there’s also another reason why smaller flasks are generally better. As Dewar’s Master Distiller Stephanie Macleod noted last week, larger flasks means more air will linger in the “headspace” of the flask. That air will become stale, and it won’t take long for it to negatively affect the taste of your whiskey.

Of course, the downside is that a smaller flask means you won’t be able to transport as much whiskey. Something around 5 ounces is probably right in the sweet spot.

3. Don’t Leave Whiskey In The Flask In Between Rounds

This is a big time rule. Flasks are designed for the short-term. If you leave whiskey in there between rounds, it’ll taste terrible the next time you reach for it.

4. Always Use A Funnel

Another seemingly obvious point, but important enough to emphasize. Most flasks will come with a funnel, and if they don’t, they’re incredibly cheap to buy, so use them! If you try to fill your flask without one, you will inevitably make a mess, waste valuable whiskey and probably ruin your nice flask in the process.

5. Clean Your Flask Thoroughly

Don’t assume the flask is clean, either when you first buy it or when it’s empty after the round. Give it a proper clean with soap and water, and let it soak. You want the flask as clean as possible for the most enjoyable whiskey experience.

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