How many members does Augusta National have?

With the Masters this week, many golf fans are probably wondering how many members Augusta National has. We provide the answer

Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters, is one of the most exclusive memberships in all of the world.

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When Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts co-founded Augusta National in 1931, they may have never known just how exclusive their idea would become.

As one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world, Augusta’s rich history continues to provide traditions that golf enthusiasts — both diehard and casual — celebrate each year at the Masters.

From the pimento cheese sandwiches, to spectators obeying the no cell phone rule, to the mystique and (largely unspoken) stories from past Champions Dinners, Augusta National acts as a cathedral in sporting venues. Those lucky enough to experience the aura just once a year are fortunate — especially given the list to get Masters tickets.

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But what’s it like to be a member at Augusta? And how many members does Augusta National have? We have some answers.

How many members does Augusta National have?

Let’s first take a look at how many members Augusta National has — considering it remains as exclusive as any golf club in the world.

Although the exact number may vary depending on certain factors, Augusta National has long been rumored to have around 300 members, although, like most things Augusta National, that number has never been publicized.

Membership by invitation only, meaning there isn’t a general application process.

As for the initiation fee, it’s estimated to be in the “low five figures” — $40,000 is a number you see thrown around sometimes, although it’s not confirmed — with only members knowing the exact figure. Yearly dues are relatively low for a club with such prestige and estimated to be a few thousand a year.

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Well-known Augusta National members

Given the history and exclusivity of an Augusta National membership, it’s not surprising that many members are recognizable and/or prominent figures.

Among those with membership access includes Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, billionaire Warren Buffett, multiple CEOs of major corporations, a bevy of politicians, powerful investors and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was one of the first female members back in 2012). Former NFL QB Peyton Manning is also a member.

In conclusion, it’s not easy becoming a member of Augusta National — as evidenced by the above. And while there aren’t exact requirements, for those hoping to get an invite — even people with the so-called qualifications that match other members’ personal success — you’d be better off overpaying for a [rare] Masters ticket if you’re trying to catch a glimpse of the hallowed grounds one day.

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