How much do 2023 Masters tickets cost?

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Watching the Masters at Augusta National and wishing you were there? Here's how much Masters tickets cost and how to get them.

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If you are looking for 2023 Masters tickets and finding this story now, you might be too late for this year. But cheer up, there’s hope for you yet. You just have to know where to look and how to find them. And the best part? If you get them through the Masters lottery, they are very reasonably priced. But if you go elsewhere, good luck.

Masters tickets aren’t easy to track down, but it is possible. Every year, usually in late May or early June, Augusta National opens its tickets lottery for about three weeks so Masters fans can get a chance to see Augusta National Golf Club in person.

There, on the Masters tickets site, you can sign up for practice round and/or tournament round tickets and hope you get selected. (Last year, the site estimated your chances of scoring a single-day tournament ticket at 0.55 percent, or roughly 1 out of 200.) That’s the hard part. But if you win the lottery, the prices are a steal. For 2023, for example, practice round tickets cost $100 each, and tournament days are $140 each.

There’s also Masters badges — but if you are reading this then those probably aren’t an option for you anyway. Some lucky patrons out there have series badges for the week and receive them every year. There’s a long wait list for those, but it hasn’t even been open for two decades. For 2023, those cost $450, but that’s still one of the greatest deals in sports.

Now, if you still want to go to the Masters but don’t win the lottery, there is a secondary market, but it’s not cheap. Tickets for practice rounds this year start around $700, and a ticket for Masters Sunday will cost you at least $1,000. There are also options for two-day passes or series badges, but again, those are going to hurt your bank account. You should also refrain from buying from scalpers in Augusta. While some of those may be legit and get you in, there are plenty of horror stories of patrons buying those tickets only to find out they are fake.

Our best advice? Keep applying to that lottery, and cross your fingers.

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