lang="en-US"> Re-watch the entire plot of 'Happy Gilmore' in just 60 seconds

Re-watch the entire plot of ‘Happy Gilmore’ in just 60 seconds

Happy Gilmore is one of the most beloved golf films of all-time. Arriving in the mid-90s alongside Tin Cup, it’s a cult classic and undoubtedly one of the most rewatchable golf films. The problem is we’re all busy working (and hopefully actually playing golf) to watch it too often.

That’s where the saintly Mike Carmerlengo comes in. Camerlengo is the mind (and voice) behind 60 Second Classics, which crunches the plotlines of famous movies into bite-sized minute-long snacks. His latest edition recaps Gilmore’s rise to take down Shooter McGavin.

It’s a rather perfect summation of the high points of the movie, including this classic scene: the 4,000-yard drive that knocks one of Gilmore’s neighbors off their roof.

Of course, if you find yourself with a spare few hours, the full-length film is much better than this synopsis. There are a number of places where you can stream the entire movie: You can stream Happy Gilmore on It’ll cost you $3.99 to rent, $9.99 to purchase in SD, or $14.99 to purchase in HD.

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