Gary Woodland’s wife Gabby Woodland: Everything you need to know

U.S. Open leader Gary Woodland is seeking his first major championship on Sunday at Pebble Beach. But outside of his professional golf career, Woodland has a family of three back home in Delray Beach, Florida. His wife Gabby and son Jaxson.

After Gary and Gabby were married in 2016, the couple had a difficult 2017 when they lost one of the twins Gabby was pregnant with. Their son Jaxson was born prematurely, but he is about to turn two years old. Je’s at home with Gabby this week while his dad competes at Pebble Beach. This year is only going to get better for the Woodland family, as they are expecting two more girls in August.

Below here are photos of Gary and his wife Gabby, whom Gary refers to as “his rock.”

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