Four Tips to Spin Wedge Shots


Ben Hogan described the low-trajectory, high-spinning wedge as “the most amazing shot in the modern pro’s repertoire.” The Hawk had it right: These shots almost look as though they’ve been skulled—until they grab hard and stop inches from the pin (and wow your playing partners in the process). Here’s how to give your wedge game some real teeth.

1 Clean Up Your Act

Regardless of technique, conditions must be right in order to spin a wedge. You need: 1) clean grooves, 2) a decent fairway lie, and 3) a high-performance ball. If you’re in the rough or the grass is wet, you’ve got no chance.

2 Lean at Address

Position the ball in the middle of your stance, with most of your weight set over your left foot. Tilt your spine and your head slightly behind the ball. This setup allows you to hit down on the ball while creating a launch angle that maximizes spin.

3 Abbreviate Your Swing

Make a smooth, three-quarter-length backswing with minimal body turn but plenty of wrist hinge. Your wrists help you generate the clubhead speed needed to create green-holding backspin—you won’t feel like you have to swing out of your spikes.

4 “Pull” the Handle

Keep the grip ahead of the clubhead as you turn through impact. Feel like you’re pulling the handle toward the target (not chopping down with your arms). And don’t baby it—swing hard. The combo of forward-shaft lean and ample clubhead speed is what gives you Tour-level spin.

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