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The Open 2019: South African pro grilled about ankle-baring British Open trousers

July 19, 2019

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland — The media had questions for Erik Van Rooyen after his second round on Friday. The South African had just shot 68 and was inside the top 10 at the 2019 Open Championship, but that was little more than an afterthought. The real topic of conversation: His trousers, which, it must be said, were quite unusual.

Sources inform me that the official term for these trousers are called “joggers.” There’s a bit of elastic around the ankles which prevents the bottoms from getting dirty, and it’s why they run a touch shorter than regular trousers.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a big joggers-wearer. Maybe I should be. Maybe it’ll improve my own game. But either way, I have become fascinated with them, and apparently I’m not alone.

In his post-round press conference, the media asked van Rooyen a combined seven questions — six of which were about his trousers.

Q. Really delighted to see those trousers.
ERIK van ROOYEN: With these?

Q. I’m going through a midlife crisis so I love them. I don’t think many of my colleagues do. This is the first time you’ve worn them?
ERIK van ROOYEN: Yeah, I’ve got a few different colors. I started wearing them this year.

Q. Why? What do you like about it?
ERIK van ROOYEN: I like the fact that it’s a little bit different yet still classy at the same time. It’s not out there and whacky with a bunch of flashy colors and that kind of thing. But it is different and I like it.

Q. Is it just the style helps your golf?
ERIK van ROOYEN: I don’t think it helps my golf, but it is comfortable and I like standing out a little bit.

Q. Did you have any remarks from any of the other players or governing bodies?
ERIK van ROOYEN: No governing bodies, no. I’m kind of glad they haven’t stepped up and asked me about it. But I get crack from all the players on Tour all the time, and that’s okay. I can handle it.

Q. One of your playing partners said, Not many people can pull it off, but you probably can.
ERIK van ROOYEN: If you’re going to wear it, you’ve got to own it. I feel like I’m owning it.

Naturally, the South African’s trousers did not go unnoticed by the Twitter style police…