DJ and Paulina’s First Date Included an Extra Guest


Although Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky first met in 2009, they didn’t go on their first date until 2012. The date was memorable for one particular reason: Paulina’s father Wayne accompanied them to dinner.

In Alan Shipnuck’s profile of GOLF Magazine’s 2016 Player of the Year Dustin Johnson, DJ and fiancée Paulina talked about their relationship. Dustin met the Gretzkys after being paired with Wayne’s wife Janet in 2009 pro-am. She invited him over for a family dinner, and Dustin became friends with Paulina and her family.

They finally had their first date in 2012, an event that Paulina is quick to qualify: “I don’t know if you can call it a date since my dad tagged along,” she said.

“That’s how it goes in our family,” Wayne said. “Janet and I go out to eat, and we somehow always wind up with seven or eight people at the table. Everyone is invited.”

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