Cheat Sheet: A foolproof guide to filming your golf swing perfectly every time

One way to accelerate your improvement is to watch yourself hit balls on video. It’s the only way you can see any mistakes you’re making (and the things you’re doing right, of course).

In today’s world of high-tech golf evaluation tools, you could spend upwards of $250,000 outfitting yourself with the latest in measuring devices. But even with these tools there is still the occasion where good old fashion 2D measuring is most appropriate. How you go about it however is critical to the accuracy of what you just video-d. Camera angle and placement is critical — a few degrees off in one direction or another you could be convincing yourself that it’s time to take up bowling.

But if you don’t capture the footage correctly, you can actually hinder your progress. You may decide that something in your swing is wrong when there really isn’t.

But no fear, because here’s a foolproof guide to placing the camera in the correct spot, every time. You might need a friend to help you out, but if they’re not available, a tripod will work just as well. — Rick Silva, GOLF Teacher to Watch.


Set the phone on the same level and inline with your hands. The view should run parallel to your toe line. Make sure to position the phone far enough away from you to keep the clubhead in frame from start to finish (at least 10 feet)


Set up a similar distance away but raise the phone to chest height. Here’s the trick to a skew-free view: Tilt the screen downward at an angle parallel to your shaft. Oh, and try it in slo-mo!

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