‘There’s an art to it’: Butch Harmon offers club-throwing tips in hysterical video

Time to work on your form with Butch Harmon.

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Anger is an inalienable right of golfers, all of whom have experienced a hot-headed moment (or a hundred) in the span of their golfing lives. It’s the nature of the sport, right down to the swing — a complicated, athletic action that requires remarkable consistency to make predictable contact with a stable object.

Frankly, it is a feat of human existence that some folks are good enough to shoot in the 60s and 70s. And for the rest of us who can’t, there’s rage.

It can materialize in the form of cuss, a yell, a demonstrative slump, an indignant stare, a club slam, a club drop — the list goes on. But no form of golf rage quite compares to the club throw.

While some would argue club-hurling is out of line and overly performative, Butch Harmon says he’s not one to judge.

The golf instruction legend filmed a hilarious video for LPGA star Danielle Kang’s account in which he explained optimal club-throw form.

“OK, for those of you who are temperamental and like to throw clubs — not saying I agree with it or don’t agree with it because I’ve thrown a few,” Harmon said. “But there’s an art to it.”

Butch Harmon and Phil Mickelson.
Butch Harmon: These are the kind of players golfers should copy
By: Luke Kerr-Dineen

As in real estate, the first key to a good club throw is simple: location, location, location.

“Number one, never throw the club sideways or backward, cause you have to go get it,” he said. “Always throw it on the line you’re going to walk on.”

Next, you want to focus on technique. For this, Harmon recommends utilizing a sweeping underhand motion for maximum distance.

“But then the technique is important, you want to have a nice windup and a nice load through the club. The madder you are, the more adrenaline you have, the further you’ll throw it. This one will probably only go about 50 yards, but here’s the technique. Good wind up, move into it, and always underhand.”

To hear Butch’s full explanation (and see his doozy of a throw) check out the video below.

Happy throwing!

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