See Brooks Koepka’s nude ESPN Body Issue cover

Brooks Koepka’s heavily-anticipated ESPN Body Issue has finally dropped.

The four-time major champ was outspoken in his excitement about his upcoming appearance in ESPN’s annual edition, saying that it was always a goal of his to appear in the issue and was a credit to all his hard work he’s put in over the years. He was so excited that he even teased a picture from his shoot on Instagram ahead of the September 4th launch.

The official images dropped on Wednesday, featuring Brooks Koepka’s just as he’s starting his downswing.

Photo Credit_ Rob Daly for ESPN
Photo Credit_ Rob Daly for ESPN

You can see the full slate of pictures over at ESPN. We’ve also got a handful of behind-the-scenes pictures, which you can see below.

Brooks Koepka is photographed by photographer Rob Daly in Palm City, Florida at the Floridian National Golf Club on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Photo by Eric Lutzens

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