Brandel Chamblee’s spiciest takes about 8 different PGA Tour players

March 27, 2020

Brandel Chamblee came out guns blazing during his recent three-part interview with Golfweek. No one or nothing was off limits to the Golf Channel analyst. The only way to do it justice is to read the interview series in its entirety (part one here, part two here, and part three here).

But if you’re a looking for a little taste, here’s what Brandel said about some notable Tour players, and their golf swings along the way:

Viktor Hovland

“He’s got the smallest miss of just about anybody out there and he’s just a delightful young man. He hits as many or more solid shots than anybody in the game. He hits it right on the meat of the club.”

Jordan Spieth

“He’s either being told to do that or whoever’s watching him doesn’t see that he’s doing that. That would take two seconds to fix. Two seconds. But he’s clearly been told that or somebody’s watching him who is not aware. Jordan Spieth should be a better player than he was in 2015 by experience alone. What did he need to do to that golf swing in 2015?”

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Bryson DeChambeau

“DeChambeau looks at a miss, he looks at it with such an incredulous hatred. I would tell him to go back and look at the records of John Schlee, Mac O’Grady and Bobby Clampett … I would say you go look at those records. And you just tell me if that led to the kind of career that you want. Because that’s where you’re headed.”

Tiger Woods

“I think what Tiger did was, it’s as it simple as he picked up the book that he wrote in 2001 and he used it as a blueprint and he went back there.”

Tony Finau

“Statistics lie a lot and win totals lie a lot. He is more on the cusp of breaking out than any other player in golf right now. There’s nobody more poised to break out than Tony Finau.”

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Ollie Schniederjans

“Schniederjans has this incredibly sharp angle of attack, lowest launch angle on the PGA Tour. When you start seeing people with a launch angle of six, they’re in trouble. That’s way too much angle. They’re not going to have great proximity to the hole and it’s going to creep into their putting.”

Rickie Fowler

“Rickie has been an extraordinary player and having an amazing career, just on the cusp of superstardom. His coach (Butch Harmon) retires and is no longer going to Tour events, which means now you have to get on a plane and fly to Las Vegas to see him. So get on a plane and fly to Vegas or send him video.”

Justin Thomas and Xander Schauffelle

“It’s beautiful that Xander is taught by his father, Justin Thomas is taught by his father. Those two have gone on. So, the others did what? They went and started talking to every teacher there was, or their teachers started changing the way they taught them.”

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