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What’s in Ben Hogan’s bag? A look at the Hawk’s equipment at his pinnacle

April 14, 2020

It remains among the greatest years in golf history. Ben Hogan’s “Triple Crown” 1953 season, in which he won five of the six tournaments he entered, including the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open, was the first time a golfer had captured three professional majors in the same season—a feat finally matched by Tiger Woods in 2000.

The PGA Championship overlapped with the British Open in 1953, scuttling a potential Grand Slam. All this at age 40, four years after a head-on collision with a Greyhound bus that nearly cost Hogan his life.

His circa 1953 golf equipment, which we shot in the Ben Hogan room at the USGA Museum, showcases the Hawk at his absolute pinnacle. Check out his winning gear below.

Ben Hogan’s golf equipment

1. Umbrella
2. MacGregor Tourney driver
3. MacGregor Ben Hogan Personal Model sand wedge
4. Putter
5. Leather golf shoes
6. Personalized golf shoe bag
7. MacGregor Ben Hogan Personal Model irons (3-PW)

Ben Hogan's golf gear at the USGA Museum.
Ben Hogan's golf gear at the USGA Museum.
Christian Hafer

8. Headcover
9. Masters pin
10. Masters money clip
11. 1953 Masters medal
12. 1953 U.S. Open medal
13. 1953 British Open medal
14. Titleist U.S. standard golf ball (1.68″ diameter)
15. Titleist British standard golf ball (1.62″ diameter)
16. Crocodile leather golf bag

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