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4 simple ways to use an alignment stick and improve your golf swing

October 1, 2019

I like simple things. I hate swing thoughts. But I do have to practice. And for my money, an alignment stick is the simplest and most effective training aid on the market.

1. For A Bigger Turn

On most practice days, I lay one on the ground, straight out from the instep of my front foot. The alignment stick reminds me to turn behind it and get my weight over to my trail foot on the backswing, then shift my weight to just in front of the alignment stick on the way through. These two simple moves, trained with the simplest practice aid out there, fuel my backswing load—the key to my power.

2. For Better Ball Position

But weight shift isn’t the only thing I use an alignment stick for. The thing is great for getting me into a solid setup position. Setting the stick inside my left foot is a foolproof way to ensure the exact same ball position for my driver every time. It quickly becomes something you no longer need to think about, whether the stick is there or not.

3. For Better Balance

The stick helps with balance at address, too. If my stance gets too narrow, I can feel my upper body drift in front of the rod; if it’s too wide, I’ll quickly sense that my head is too far behind the stick. A final checkpoint: When my ball position and stance width are in good, balanced spots, my left ear lines up with the stick on the ground.

4. For A Squarer Clubface

If nothing else, laying a stick on the ground like I do helps give you a visual representation of where the clubface is at address—and where it should be at impact. Square-to-square, just like mine. Soon, you’ll be the stick.