A frame-by-frame analysis of Tiger Woods’ insane left-handed, under-a-bush recovery shot

Tiger Woods pulled off one of the better recovery shots of his career on the 10th hole of the WGC Dell Match play. With his ball under a bush, he somehow finagled his way to a shot that ended just a few feet from the pin, which he knocked-in for par.

He even let out a smile afterwards.

So, how’d he do it? Lets break it down.

First, he grabbed straighter-faced iron and flipped it around so it’s left-handed. It was the only way he could get to the ball.

Notice that he’s not kneeling with both knees. He’s kneeling with his right and keeps his left foot planted on the ground for extra stability.

Then, a little practice backswing. It’s an important rehearsal to ensure his swing remains unobstructed. Do it yourself the next time you’re in trouble.

When he makes his swing, Tiger does a great job keeping his head down on the spot where his ball lay. The last thing he needs is to lift his head up in an awkward spot. That’s a recipe for a whiff.

But the key to this shot is keeping his ball on the ground. He gives it just enough of a nudge to hop out of the bushes, onto the green and release towards the hole.

All in all, a masterclass from Tiger Woods. You may not be able to pull off this magic yourself, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it.

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