A Dramatic Reading of Every Word Jordan Spieth Uttered To His Ball in the Final Round of the 2015 Masters


Much has been made of the endless instructions Jordan Spieth barked to his ball during his record-setting Sunday at Augusta National.

A review of the telecast reveals that Spieth uttered a total of 90 words and groans in the final round, beginning with a lively entreaty of his second shot on the par-5 2nd (“Hit it wind! Hit it wind!”) and culminating with a more despondent request of his blocked tee shot on the par-4 18th. (“Down. Go hard!”)

In isolation, each of these petitions is unremarkable. But when they’re strung together verbatim in chronological order, poetry emerges: a lyrical three-part sonnet with soaring highs and soul-crushing lows. Don’t take our word for it. Check out this dramatic reading of Spieth’s pleas, or enjoy them in print form here:


By Jordan Spieth


hit it wind hit it wind just a little bit just a little bit

softly real soft

oh no short hit softly soft softly

ahhhh be long enough

ahhhh fore right

go be enough go

hit it wind get down

oh no


down sit down

down sit

go hard go hard go hard go

be enough just be enough

a little be good

gotta be good c’mon be good

siddown ball

bite softly soft




hit softly hit softly and it’s real good


go hard

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