These 7 sports bras offer the support your game needs

sports bras

These sports bras are comfortable *and* supportive.


Sports bras aren’t just an essential for high-impact activities. The right fit can make a big difference in your golf game, too.

The latest sports bras offer modern, breathable, moisture-wicking materials, and some even offer innovative support.

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Forme sports bras (three of which are featured below) feature posture-correcting technology, and are specifically designed to help improve back, neck and shoulder issues.

When you’re on the course this summer, don’t let a lack of support cause you discomfort. Shop seven of our favorite sports bras below, and click the link to add to cart.

Forme Power Bra

The Forme Power Bra is a sleek and comfortable FDA-registered posture corrector that immediately trains alignment and changes height and appearance while treating and correcting posture for improved lifestyle and athletic performance.

Forme Revive Bra

The Revive Bra (Vest like ) is Forme’s 2023 posture-correcting design bra or tank top for back, neck, and shoulder issues.

Forme Rise Bra

The Rise Bra blends style and function to train your alignment and keep it in check from back or neck aches.

Lululemon Run Times Bra High Support

Keep your mind on your stride in this sleek bra that gives you support, separation and coverage, with perforated panelling for airflow.

NOBULL Pace Sports Bra

A wicking liner supports and breathes, removable pads offer additional support. Wide, cross-strap construction for comfort and freedom of movement. Front mesh lining for breathability.

Nike Alpha Women’s High-Support Padded Adjustable Sports Bra

$57.97 — Save 14%
This bra gives you our highest level of support with a compressive feel and minimal bounce for a secure fit. Engineered foam pads provide encapsulated support and shaping, and it adjusts in the back so you can feel comfortably contained—yet still able to breathe

Women’s High Support Embossed Racerback Run Sports Bra – All in Motion™

Stretchy, recycled polyester fabric. Must-have features: adjustable front straps, wireless design, moisture-wicking fabric, high support. Editor

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