This insane house with INDOOR 9-hole putting green could be yours for $1 million

With this Phoenix home, you'll never have to leave the living room again.

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For some golfers, having a backyard putting green represents the peak of their golfing obsession. Others take it to the next level with a full-on golf hole cut into their lawns (see: Nantz, James).

But now you have a special opportunity to one-up everyone else when it comes to at-home golf bragging rights.

A piece of Wahlberg’s backyard Beverly Hills playground.
Mark Wahlberg’s epic backyard golf spread is like something off a Hollywood set
By: Josh Sens

Tucked along a neighborhood street in steamy Phoenix, Ariz., is the ultimate home for those possessed with the golf bug. Not only does this four-bedroom house have a putting green, it has a giant 9-hole putting green.

But a swimming pool occupies the backyard, so the putting green isn’t outside. Instead, it’s right smack dab in the middle of the first floor. With Phoenix temperatures regularly reaching into the 100s and beyond, and water resources stretched thin, this artificial turf indoor golf extravagance is actually perfect for its location.

The Zillow Gone Wild Twitter account brought the home to the golf world’s attention, which you can see below, along with photos of the “interior” putting green.

This 4,000+ sq. foot house is currently on the market for $1,022,900 which, considering the current housing market and the fact that it has four bedrooms, four baths, a swimming pool and the ultimate year round putting green, could be a lot worse.

You can check out the Zillow listing here.

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