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Super Bowl broadcaster Jim Nantz has a golf hole in his backyard at Pebble Beach

February 3, 2019

The 2019 Super Bowl is set to kick off on Sunday, February 3, in Atlanta, where the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will face off for the championship. Super Bowl broadcaster Jim Nantz will be on hand to call the game, but he probably wishes he was back home at Pebble Beach, playing the par-3 golf hole in his backyard.

Jim Nantz’s backyard golf hole

You read that right. Jim Nantz has a golf hole in his backyard, a backyard that sits steps from Pebble Beach Golf Links. Given the home’s location, the hole is a replica of the iconic par-3 7th at Pebble, which has dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean.

While Nantz’s version of the 7th hole is missing those epic views, it has everything else.

You can watch the man himself take a shot at the green below.

Nick Faldo makes an ace in Nantz’s backyard

We know about the hole because of a few photos and videos that have leaked on the internet. Nantz, of course, doesn’t just work the Super Bowl and other NFL games; he’s CBS’s lead play-by-play man for their golf coverage. Nantz’s partner in the booth for golf broadcasts is six-time major champion Nick Faldo.

Faldo and Nantz are friends in real-life, and Faldo has made many visits to Nantz’s home. He’s also tried out the backyard par-3 for himself.


On one special occasion, Faldo made a hole-in-one, which you can watch below. It also provides a great view of how the hole is laid out on Nantz’s property.


Faldo took the Twitter world on a brief behind-the-scenes tour right after his ace. He even showed his ball sitting in the bottom of the cup.


Nantz’s hole-in-one “Rock of Fame”

For his efforts, Faldo received a spot on the Rock of Fame that sits by the tee box. The stone includes a plaque that lists all the holes-in-one made on the replica par-3. You can see an old photo of the plaque here.

The plaque that bears the name of people who have made a hole-in-one on Jim Nantz's backyard golf hole
The plaque that bears the name of people who have made a hole-in-one on Jim Nantz’s backyard golf hole.

As you may have noticed, Faldo’s name hadn’t been added to the stone yet, but six others are visible. Those names include notable figures like PGA Tour pro Brandt Snedeker, fellow golf TV man David Feherty, and even Nantz’s partner in the booth at the Super Bowl: Tony Romo.

Nantz and Romo might not be saying goodbye to each other after the Super Bowl is complete. In fact, they might find themselves at Nantz’s Pebble Beach home. The 2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am is the following week. Romo has played in the Pro Am before and could do so again this year. Nantz will of course be in the booth.

But they might not be the only people flying from the Super Bowl in Atlanta to the Monterey Peninsula for the Pebble Pro Am. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick are also frequent Pebble Pro Am participants.