Reggie Bush Q&A: The football star explains how he became a single-digit handicap

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush went from pro footballer to single-digit handicap.

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On the gridiron, Reggie Bush was famous for carrying the rock. Now the Southern California native carries a 6.8 index.


GOLF: For you, what is one physical skill that has translated well from football to golf?

Reggie Bush: Being able to flip my hips. Turning my hips and hitting through the ball with that explosion that you have to have in football, that short-distance explosion, helps you on the golf course. I believe a lot of football players have built-in attributes that are perfect for golf. You’ve got speed, strength, mental focus and the short-distance explosion.

G: Is there anything from football that doesn’t help?

RB: The muscles. [Laughs.] They hold you back a bit.

G: On your journey toward becoming a single-digit handicap, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

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RB: If I had to pick one, wow — I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that the clubface is king. If it’s not straight, that ball can go a lot of different directions. I try to focus on my clubface and pay a lot of attention to my impact position. When you have a high swing speed like me, your dispersion can get out of hand if you don’t focus on the clubface being neutral at impact.

G: Is there a favorite club in your bag?

RB: I just put a Srixon [ZX5 LS MKII] driver in there, and it’s quickly become a favorite.

G: Besides your Srixons, what else do you make sure to bring with you to the golf course?

RB: My speaker. I always have my Bushnell Wingman speaker with me.

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G: How has your gridiron competitiveness translated to golf?

RB: I think for retired athletes like me, golf is the logical next move. We’re still in our prime years as athletes. I’m 37 years old and I feel great, despite some nagging knee injuries from my football playing days. I can’t walk a full 18 holes, but, other than that, I can do everything. Golf has given me the platform to use my athleticism and continue competing.

G: What is it about golf that draws in so many athletes from other sports?

RB: What draws me in is the camaraderie. I play with a lot of guys now who I used to play with or compete against [in the NFL]. The camaraderie you get on the football field is priceless. You can’t pay your way into it. Golf gives us some of that back. We’re all athletes, and we all kind of speak the same language.

This interview was originally published in the March 2023 edition of GOLF Magazine.

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