For this MLB star, sneaking in golf on the road isn’t as easy as it used to be

Just because Walker Buehler plays professional baseball doesn’t mean he can’t play golf on “work trips.”

On this week’s episode of GOLF’s Subpar, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher told co-hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stolz how the process typically shakes out for guys who are on the road for half the time during a six-month season.

“If we set it up, so like it’s kind of a big thing, but we got to know,” Buehler said. “I’ll bring [my clubs] to San [Francisco]. I played Olympic and Cypress there.”

The time he played Cypress Point was especially notable for the two-time MLB All-Star because it worked out so well with his schedule. He flew in the night before, stayed on the property and was the first group off the 1st tee, playing without a member on his off day.

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By: Jack Hirsh

Some current and former pitchers are notorious for their golf games and company on the course, such as the 1990s Atlanta Braves “Big Three” and Tiger Woods. However, Buehler said he’s usually scraping to get games together amongst the team.

“I think the guys that want to play golf like will go play golf,” Buehler said. “You never going to have like, ‘Oh, we can’t take you brought your clubs, but you can’t come with us.'”

He said he used to play more golf when he was a rookie, maybe 20 rounds that season, but it’s been harder as he’s gotten older.

“I bet last year I played two [rounds]. And it’s just it’s hard to do and hard on your body, hard to wake up. I mean, it sucks,” Buehler said. “We play 162 in 180 days and you’re in ‘X’ amount of cities and it’s a lot, it’s hard, but there are certain places where it’s like, alright, we’re going to set this up.”

For more from Buehler, including how he started the game and playing the WM Phoenix Open Pro-Am, listen to the full episode below.

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