Which celeb golfer is the longest of them all? Curry, Kelce … Barkley?!

steph curry at american century

Steph Curry after unleashing a blast.


At the American Century Championship on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe last month, active and retired athletes, artists, and personalities teed it up for 54 holes, with Tony Romo prevailing the third time after carding a three-under 69 in the final round.

Others found more luck at the long-drive competition hosted by GOLF’s Subpar co-host Drew Stoltz.

In this contest within the contest, eight competitors recorded carries of more than 300 yards. (Sir Charles Barkley was not among them, but he was much closer than you may think.) 

The NFL showed up in a big way with six of the top 10 making the longest drive leaderboard, but the winner was an MLB pitcher. 

Before you put your head in your hands, wondering how these celebs who play golf as their second (or third) sport hit the ball so much further than you, remember where the event was played! The elevation at Edgewood Tahoe is more than 6,000 feet above sea level — and, according to Andrew Rice’s research, for every 1,000 feet of elevation, your tee shots will carry an additional 2.5 yards.

To see Stephen Curry, Travis Kelce, Sir Charles and other celebrities hit some blasts, check out the video above.



Tyler Zimmer

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