World Long Drive Champion approves this speed trainer

Maurice Allen announced he would be the face of the Power SwingFan training aid in May.

Maurice Allen

Everyone wants to play golf forever, but our bodies aren’t getting any younger. Joints hurt, mobility worsens, and as a result, swing speed decreases. 

For young players to hit drives like World Long Drive champion Maurice Allen or experienced players to swing with more freedom, the Power SwingFan is a must-have. Oftentimes, people resort to warming up by swinging two clubs, getting used to a heavier weight. This makes a single club feel lighter and easier to swing. However, while this strategy helps swing speed, it messes up the swing plane.

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By: Jessica Marksbury

The Power SwingFan can increase your swing speed without putting unnecessary strain on your body. The product uses air resistance rather than weight to make your clubs feel lighter in your hands. Compared to added weight, which can cause injury, continued resistance through the downswing requires better rotation.

I was able to set up my SwingFan in under ten minutes. Included in the packaging is a two-piece shaft: one with a real grip, and one with the mount for the blades of the fan. After attaching the two pieces together, I then inserted the fans and fastened them tightly with the included bolt and wing nut.

I found that the four-finned design has two purposes: building strength in the gym and warming up at the range.

The SwingFan is a fitness tool that can be incorporated into golf-centric cable workouts. The resistance of the fan reminded me of my cable resistance twisting exercises. Additionally, it can be used on the driving range 10 minutes prior to your tee time. Because there is no added weight, your club plane will remain intact. Weighted clubs may cause your shoulders to dip, but the SwingFan keeps your action tight and on plane. 

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Power SwingFan

The Power SwingFan is one of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and control available anywhere because it produces maximum resistance at impact. Pick up this golf swing fan trainer and you’ll be on your way to a better swing technique, longer drives & lower scores.   The Power SwingFan works using air resistance. The four-finned design produces maximum resistance right as you swing through impact. Unlike weighted clubs – YOU do the work!   Because the Power SwingFan golf swing speed resistance trainer stands up by itself, it is much more likely to be used than stuck in a closet. It looks so inviting when you see it that it begs to be swung. Regarding how much, how hard and how often, think of it just like lifting weights. Swing it to exhaustion every couple of days. Since this golf swing power trainer has the benefit of increasing strength, you want to break down your muscles and allow them to rebuild. You can swing very aggressively and a typical workout routine might be to start with 2 sets of 25 reps swinging at about 70% effort. After a week build to 3 sets of 30 reps and you can start firing harder through impact. We also suggest swinging left handed for a set so you don’t overbuild one side of your body.   The Power SwingFan has two primary sizes men’s and ladies (junior available too) with the ladies fins being a little narrower. The ladies’ model is suitable for anyone over 5 feet tall and provides is used by some men who want more speed training than strength training.   
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