These 3 swing trainers will help you improve your game at home

Practicing at home can make a world of difference in your game.


Golf is hard. And as anyone who plays the game knows, the only way to get better is to practice.

Unfortunately, for most of us recreational players, life is often too busy to squeeze in a range session every few days. That’s why creating a home-practice arsenal can really make a difference in your improvement journey.

Simply setting aside 15 minutes a day to work on something — even a simple feel or swing thought — will benefit your game greatly. There are a number of products on the market that can help you achieve whatever it is you want from your golf swing. But if you’re looking for more speed or a more solid strike, you can’t go wrong with these three products.

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Divot Board – Low point and swing path trainer

A patented new training board with a highly visual depiction of both swing path and low point.  (measures 6″ x 21″ x 1/2″)   Using the Divot Board golf low point and swing path trainer is one of the easiest ways to increase your game. You can use the Divot Board anywhere including your living room, office, or even on the green just before a big match. This is not just a launch monitor, this is your launch monitor. Your training and warm-up routines just met their match.   The Divot Board measures 6″W x ~21″L x ~1/2″D   The mat is only 3/8″ thick but there are pointed nubs at the bottom that hold it in place on carpet, outdoors or on a range mat and once settled the may add a fraction of an inch to the height. This is still a very low profile for this type of mat and the quality of construction is amazing! A carabiner is included if you wish to clip the mat onto your bag to take with you to the range.   Instant Feedback. Anytime. Anywhere. Works both right or left-handed. Patented Target with Instant Feedback.  For a quick clip of the Divot Board in action, click the video below.   
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GBox – Adult Set

If you want to increase your speed, have a better low point, and better face control through your pivot to give you that perfect turn as you swing, then this is the training aid for you. Developed by one of the world’s top golf coaches, George Gankas has worked with thousands of players, from beginners to top PGA Tour pros. He created this device seeing the need for aid for all levels of players to perfect that turn and body structure to achieve the dream swing.   The G box comes with a QR code giving you access to drills and exercises as well as an option to join the VIP list.   The belt is designed to fit young adults, adults, seniors, and more professional golfers with a minimum size of 28 inches and maximum size of 52 inches around the waist. Please measure your waist above your hip line. One box has a white stripe and each is made of versatile neoprene. A velcro attachment on the back of the boxes enable you to attach it to the belt at your seam line. Shipping and taxes to be calculated at Checkout.
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Klockitgolf’s golf training device is the perfect tool for building power and consistency.  Improve your form and drive to become the best golfer you can be!   There’s a little birdie out there saying there’s a better way to improve your drive and overall golf game!  Klockitgolf is the best way to focus on your club face-to-ball impact, improve your strength, and grow your confidence on the course. When you want to keep one in your golf bag, and one at home, you can save $20 on a set of 2!   Get Klockitgolf today and start improving your skills!
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