Weekend Warmup: Get your game ready in 10 minutes and 30 swings

Even as golf hurtles further into the 21st century, the warm-up remains one of the final age-old bastions of simplicity and straight-forwardness.

To that end, GOLF Top 100 teacher Michael Hunt has a quick, simple warm-up that’ll leave you smoothing your irons from the very first tee. You can watch his tips in the video above.

Three sets of 10

The warm-up’s importance is derived from its injury prevention powers. Taking a few minutes to loosen and stretch your muscles can help you avoid any number of common golf injuries, from the lower back to the shoulder to the elbow.

Hunt’s recommendation is something you might be familiar with if you exercise: three sets of 10 reps.

First, Hunt says, you should take 10 swings very loosely to awaken the muscles and ease the process of stretching. From there, the objective is very similar to working out: continue to add velocity until you’ve reached or are near your full swing.

The process should take no more than three sets of 10 swings till you’re ready to swing full bore. From there, you’re ready to conquer your round.

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