This simple training aid is completely free. You just have to wait for it

golfer hits putt on green with shadow casting

If you don't want to splurge on an expensive training aid, you can use your shadow to improve your swing instead.

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Training aids are a dime a dozen in the golf space. If you have a swing flaw, all it takes is a quick Google search (or a visit to and you’ll find a tool that can help you fix it.

The accessibility of these training aids can be a double-edged sword, though. With the abundant supply of swing aids tailor-made for every flaw you can think of, it can be easy to think you need every new gadget and gizmo that hits the market. Not only is that an expensive endeavor, but it can also do more harm than good for your swing. The last thing you want is to look like Roy McAvoy in Tin Cup.

roy mcavoy uses training aids in his home
Don’t think you need to use every training aid that hits the market. Tin Cup

Often, when it comes to the golf swing, simple is better, and that rings true when it comes to training aids, too. In fact, one extremely useful training aid is absolutely free. All you need is a little bit of sunshine.

Check out the video below from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose, or read on for more.

To start, simply visit the range on a sunny day and face your shadow. Place a golf ball inside the shadow cast by your head and put a ball on the ground outside your lead leg. These two objects will be your guides as you make some practice swings.

With the setup complete, all you need to do is make your normal swing. But take note of how your shadow interacts with the ball and club on the ground. Is the ball staying within your head’s shadow? Is the shaft of the club staying close to the shadow of your lead leg?

As Rose illustrates in the video above, you can discern quite a bit from answering these questions. You want to keep your body and head somewhat quiet during the swing, and this drill will help you understand if you’re succeeding.

Training aids can be useful for improvement, but sometimes the best tools are completely free.

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