Use a Frisbee to hit longer drives in just 4 steps

February 13, 2018

Learn to free up your swing, catch shots square and deliver maximum energy (and power) to the ball with this home-spun Frisbee drill. You’ll soon be hitting your longest shots ever.


The secret to adding yards to your shots is to add width to the early part of your downswing. To learn how, hold a Frisbee at your right side with your right hand on top of the disc and your fingers wrapped underneath. Now swing your right arm to the top as though you were making a backswing.

[image:14069229]2. SPIN IT

Begin your downswing. As your right arm moves down, spin the disc counterclockwise and out, away from the target and your right shoulder. You’ve done it correctly if your right palm and the top of the Frisbee now face the sky. It also means that you’re in position to release the club with max speed.


Continue to lower your right arm and the disc until you reach this position, the area I call the “speed zone.” This is where the club really begins to pick up the MPH. Notice how close my right arm is to my body and how my hands sit well below belt level (the lowest they’ll be prior to the strike).


Here’s where it all pays off. The width you’ve created on the downswing is in full effect at impact, when all that energy is released and transferred through the clubhead into the back of the ball. The result is solid contact delivered with more power than you’ve ever produced before.