Three tips for how to shift weight and hit a knockdown shot

Any good player understands how to shape the golf ball to a certain degree. Sure, everyone has their go-to shot that they can execute under pressure, but sometimes the situation doesn’t fit for the go-to shot and some improvisation is necessary.

One of the most useful ways to shape the golf ball is through a knockdown shot. A knockdown shot is typically a shorter, more controlled version of your stock swing that can be useful when you are between clubs or need a different ball flight than your normal strike provides.

A good way to execute a knockdown shot is by using and shifting your weight to get the desired ball flight. Here are three tips for achieving the knockdown shot from GOLF Top 100 Teacher V.J. Trolio.

1. Choke down on the club a couple inches

This moves the weight of the golf club and makes it shorter, giving you more control.

2. Move the ball back in your stance

With the ball back in your stance, so is the weight of the ball. The position in the back of the stance also promotes a lower ball flight.

3. Swing easy

Once you have the ball position and grip down, a smooth and simple swing should produce a lower, more controlled ball flight.

If you can master a knockdown shot, you’ll have a reliable, easy-to-control shot that performs well no matter the situation.

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