Own the tee box! Try these three moves for more yards

September 14, 2018

The road to effortless power runs through your lead leg. Top 100 Teacher Krista Dunton (@KristaDunton) shows you how to harness its energy and hit the longest, straightest drives of your life.

Top 100 Teacher Krista Dunton
Copy Top 100 Teacher Krista Dunton’s powerful transfer to hit longer, straighter drives.


Make a nice full turn, like I have (see photo above, on the left). My right thigh and calf are flexed — not only have I pivoted my hips and torso, I’ve sat back into my right glute. Copy this! You’ll load more energy on your backswing and set up a powerful strike.


As you begin to rotate your hips in the opposite direction from the top (see above photo, center), your lower body will start sliding toward the target. Your job is to keep the slide to a minimum. The trick? Begin straightening your left leg.


As you straighten your left leg, pull your left thigh up and behind you (see above photo, right). Doing so slams the brakes on your body’s forward momentum, forcing the club to whip past at breakneck speed. The result? Huge impact.