New study reveals the most common swing flaws for every golfer

No two golfers are the same. But look at data from lots of golfers, and you’ll start to notice trends.

That’s where the Swing Index app, a game-improvement tool which arms teachers with Artificial Intelligence technology to help improve players’ swing (the company owned in part by’s parent company, 8AM Golf) is here to help.

Swing Index ran the data on the thousands of user golf swings stored within the app to identify the No. 1 problem in their golf swing. The results became its first-ever “Swing Faults Study.”

The results, in graph form, are below.

As you can see, there’s lots of interesting stuff within there. Among them:

-New and beginning golfers tend too struggle with their grip, which is usually too weak.

-Most golfers who struggle to break 100 tend to struggle with their weight shift on the backswing, swaying too far back.

-Golfers who shoot around 90 also struggle with their weight shift more than anything else, but in a slightly different way. Rather than swaying too far back, they don’t shift their weight at all.

– The best golfers struggle with the most advanced problem: The downswing sequence. Golfers ideally should shift toward the target, then rotate their body, then rise through the ball. Getting that order correct is crucial.

Interesting stuff and whatever category you fall into, use it to inform your own game.

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