Struggling with a slice? Try checking your foot pressure

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Your foot pressure could be the culprit behind your slice.

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When I see players struggle with their ball flight, especially those who tend to hit a slice, I always like to check the pressure in their feet. Your stance can be a major culprit for some mishits if the pressure you’re exerting with your feet is too great.  

Ideally, you should aim to have balanced pressure from toe to heel at the start of your swing. Avoid standing too long over the ball as it’s very easy for the pressure to shift to one side. As you get to about halfway back in your backswing, you should start working the pressure into your inside right heel. Loading into your right side efficiently is the key to increasing power and ultimately creating space to swing the club on the downswing. 

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This drill will turn your lazy slice into a power fade
By: Claude Harmon III, Top 100 Teacher

If this is hard for you, try starting with a balanced address. When you reach half way back in your swing, allow your right toe to go up. This physical feedback will assure you that your foot pressure is loading properly and you’re not getting too much onto your right toes. From there, complete the turn and swing through with balance. 

Learning to control your foot pressure will not only increase your turn and power, it will also enable the club to come more from the inside, which is especially helpful if you struggle with a slice. 

Even if a slice isn’t your general miss, becoming more aware of of how your feet are balanced at address and throughout the swing will help you improve both your strikes and your accuracy.

Carla Overhiser is the Lead Teaching Professional at The Breakers John Webster Golf Academy in Palm Beach, Fla.

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